Celery root, leek, chorizo oil – 9.00


Spinach salad w/ creamy smoked trout dressing, croutons and radish – 11.50

Citrus salad w/ lardo, sea salt and dill – 12.00

Beer steamed mussels w/ pancetta, cioppolini onions, and baguette with squid ink butter – 14.00

Grilled octopus w/ fried artichoke and saffron aioli – 13.00

Braised lamb w/ tarbais beans, radicchio and a red wine poached egg – 14.00


Black sea bass w/ sweet potato purée, roasted mushrooms and crispy prosciutto – 25.00

Braised rabbit leg w/ olive oil crushed potatoes and breadcrumbs – 20.00

Guinea breast w/ caraway yogurt, brussels sprouts, bacon and maple – 24.00

Pork chop w/ roasted squash, grilled beet greens and olive vinaigrette – 26.00

Strip steak w/ grilled broccoli rabe, marrow vinaigrette, beer battered pickled onion rings and blue cheese – 40.00

Grassfed burger w/ pickled red onions and fries, add $2.00 for cheese – 14.00

***Ask about our grass-fed steaks and burgers***


Tangerine steamed pudding, chocolate crumble and vanilla whip – 9.00

Pear almond crisp w/ whip – 9.00

Flourless chocolate cake w/ whipped cream – 9.00


Mon – Fri 11am-5pm

Celery root, hazelnuts, currants, chevril – 9.00

Kale salad w/ buttermilk, radish and croutons – 11.50

Omelette w/ broccoli, cheddar and leeks – 13.00

Sunchokes w/ romanesco, herbs, shallot vinaigrette and cranberry bean purée – 10.50

Beets w/ mustard greens, shallots and smoked mackarel – 12.50

Black eyed peas w/ squash, chorizo, cippolini and a sunny egg – 14.00

Sweet potato hash w/ parsnips, turnips, cabbage and ham – 14.00

Grassfed burger w/ pickled red onions and fries, add $2.00 for cheese – 14.00

Grilled trout sandwich w/ pickled eggs, onion, mustard and paprika aioli on foccacia w/ chips – 15.00

Goat cheese tart w/ brûléed grapefruit and pistachio brittle – 9.00


Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Poppy seed scone w/ meyer lemon marmalade and devonshire cream – 4.00

Maple sticky bun w/ cream cheese glaze – 4.50

Cranberry coffee cake – 3.50

Buckwheat buttermilk pancakes w/ parsnip and whipped marscarpone – 13.00

Egg sandwich w/ radicchio chutney, smoked trout mayo and house slab bacon on foccacia w/ fries – 12.50

Country breakfast of fried ham, a biscuit with maple butter and orange marmalade and scrambled eggs – 13.00

Roasted potatoes w/ cured soppressata and squid ink butter – 9.00

Rabbit liver toast w/ pickled egg, parsley salad and baguette – 11.00

Cabbage and radicchio caeser w/ grilled garlic croutons and creamy anchovy dressing – 11.50

Farro and yogurt w/ citrus, olives, hazelnuts and confit duck – 12.00

Poached eggs w/ country toast, mushroom, salsa verde and mâche – 11.00

Rabbit sausage w/ roasted sweet potatoes, curried caramelized onions, mustard and a sunny side egg – 14.00

Grassfed burger on brioche w/ fries, add $2 for cheese – 14.00